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Open daily from 8:30 AM to 4 PM

(318) 442-6389

2908 Jackson Street
Alexandria, LA 71301


I am just trying to get some help.

Where can I send my husband who can't seem to get along with any doctor that might be able to help?

Why won't doctors just take the time to listen?

Sometimes I think my vet listens better than my doctor. I want to go to a place to get well not just be 'processed'.

Is it any wonder that athletes die every year when the physicals are all rushed in one day by non-Medical Doctors?

I did not need an ambulance. Why would I go to the emergency room for this cut?

By the time I will wait in the emergency room to be sewn up this cut will have healed.

Why would I go to a MD owned by a large corporation when I got hurt working for a large corporation?



If these statements enter your mind when thinking about where to go for your health care choice, then Home Town Doctors may be just what you need.

Trained in surgery, with 8 years of urgent care injury management experience in and on the field, our Doctors have the capability, know-how, and connections to get you taken care of faster, better, and with more compassion than any sprawling 'corporate' medical center can ever deliver. We know what it is like to be a patient and a Doctor at these places, and Home Town Doctors is giving Central Louisiana another choice for injury and urgent care needs.

  • We are not a "walk-in clinic" with names you can't pronounce.
  • We are not interested in what insurance you have or do not have.
  • We are the Doctors your grandparents told you about with modern training at world renown medical institutions and connections to get you taken care of the way it "used to be." We are here... this is our town too.

If a person pursues life for the sake of health, they become sick.
If a person pursues health for the sake of life, they will become healthy.

This health business is about living long enough and healthy enough to teach our children and grandchildren to hunt and fish.

Strengthening Body and Mind for Nearly a Decade.

Our patient, motivative staff will help you get the results you want and deserve!